Fell Challenge 2023

Current Standings of the 2023 fell challenge

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Message from Matt

Current Standings


  1. Your score is the winner's time divided by your time (both converted to seconds) multiplied by 100.
  2. Women's score is based on the men's winner, but weighting adjusted by 12% to compensate.(Men's winners tend to be more consistent than women's from one race to the next).
  3. Your best 6 races count. Any scores in (brackets) have been excluded from the "Best 6" totals.
  4. Divide your "best 6 total score" by your "age weighting factor" to calculate your "age weighted total score".
  5. Age weightings are based on published statistical comparisons of runners according to their ages.
    See http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup15.html for weightings.
  6. The table is ordered on the "age weighted" total of the best 6 races, showing the best runners (for their age) so far.
  7. If you want to see how things could have ended up if everybody did 6 races, check the "age weighted average score" in the final columns.
  8. The handicap is based on the year of your birth.  (Ages and years of birth hidden from public view)  If you think yours is wrong, let me know.  Non-members are estimated at the youngest in their age group.  Ages default to 25 if age not known.
  9. My apologies to anyone who has been omitted or for any calculation error - please let me know by email.
  10. As before, those who start but don't finish get 10 points.  This does not apply for wildcard races.
  11. Scores are not rounded - there is a formula buried in the table - but they are printed to the nearest 1/10 point.
  12. You must be a Newburgh Nomads member in order to count.
  13. New for 2022 - Wildcards. You may run as many other races as you like.  Any other race may count as a wildcard.  Points for the wildcard races will be calculated from your single best non-competition FRA race.  It is your responsibility to inform me of all wildcards to be considered.
  14. New for 2023 - There are two weeks with optional races.  This is to give fair chance to complete enough races for those who can't run on a  Tuesday or Thursday. You may run either race or both, but only results from one race will count.  The other race must not count as your wildcard.

Matt C